Who we are


We are an organic network of students and sustainability professionals headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but extending across many other organizations worldwide. We have current fellows at Boise State, Michigan, Yale and the University of Melbourne. Our network includes economists, engineers, policy analysts, and health professionals who contribute their passion and expertise through research partnerships, podcast interviews, and S&S-hosted conferences and discussion series.

Our alumni have gone on to careers across the spectrum of fields related to sustainability. They are the recipients of Fulbright and Rhodes Scholarships, professors at universities around the world, and taken positions at The World Bank and Goldman among others. The writing they did as fellows helped prepare them to write for popular outlets like the New York Times and the Huffington Post as well as more academic outlets. Their discussions in the fellows meetings broadened their perspective on sustainability and helped them make connections across disciplines that has helped them as they build careers in the inherently interdisciplinary field of sustainability.


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