Position Openings

The Sense & Sustainability (S&S) team is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students primarily based in the US and UK, as well as recent graduates working in the public, private, and third sectors. Together, we have an eclectic set of academic specialties, ranging from international relations and economics to public health and neuroscience, and we enjoy discussing everything from our NBA allegiances to international approaches to education. Our common thread is an interest in taking a holistic perspective to sustainable development.

Sound like a group you’d like to join? S&S currently has openings for the following positions, described in more detail below:

To express interest in one or more position(s), please email Patrick Behrer [patrick[at]senseandsustainability.net] with a brief statement of why you are interested in a given position and any relevant experience you have. We look forward to hearing from you!

Audio production and research assistants
Does the word “audacity” mean more than just boldness to you? Yes, that’s a horrifically bad joke, but if you recognized that Audacity is a podcast production program, you’re probably a good fit for this position. Audio production and research assistants will play an integral part in conducting pre-podcast research and working their technological magic to broadcast our podcast guests’ wise words in high quality.

Are you a whiz when it comes to snappy writing and insightful commentary? Provide your unique viewpoint by becoming an S&S blogger. Our content falls in five categories: Energy and Climate Change, Business and Technology, Health and Education, Development and Global Governance, and Ecosystems and Biodiversity. We welcome submissions of all kinds; a short analysis of a current event, a series of columns reflecting on your personal experiences and recent problems arising in your field, or a longer piece on your own research would all be appropriate.

Blog section editors
Interested in shaping the content of the S&S blog beyond the scope of your own writing? We’re on the lookout for a Health & Education blog section editor. As a section editor, you will work with S&S contributors to identify and cover important topics within the fields, provide editorial support when necessary and come up with new ways to jazz up the section.