The Crisis in Syria is a Catastrophic Failure of the International Community

Following the killing of over thirty Turkish soldiers by an airstrike attributed to the Syrian regime and the Russian government, Turkey has engaged in a campaign to significantly degrade the Syrian regime’s capabilities in Idlib. According to Turkish numbers, nearly 2,100 Syrian regime soldiers have been killed or injured. While the total number of dead likely is lower, an open source investigation has counted over one hundred  armor losses and tens of soldiers killed by Turkish airstrikes and recent rebel counter-offensives—a number not seen in years of fighting. Turkey’s actions, while welcomed by Syrians, comes after nine years of devastation to Syria’s economy and a total collapse of the humanitarian situation.

What many analysts had previously said would be a costly, long term, and complicated procedure requiring massive manpower and facing a robust anti-air defense system was little more than an exaggeration of the capabilities of the Syrian regime. Turkey used its drones to hit tens of targets, including an active and armed Pantsir S-1 system.

This inaction by the international community, even when faced with a never-ending stream of videos of abuse and war crimes documentation has led to what has been called the worst humanitarian disaster of the century. The Syrian regime is estimated to have committed over 300 separate chemical weapons attacks using chlorine and sarin, alongside the use of airstrikes, barrel bombs, and artillery strikes that have killed tens of thousands and turned entire towns into rubble.


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