A Palestinian-Israeli Peace with No Palestinian in Sight

In the wave of coverage and talking heads that is sure to follow yesterday morning’s press conference on a Middle East peace plan, I can already hear the comments from the “Left” contrasting Trump’s embrace of Netanyahu with the criticism Obama allowed during his final days in office, most notably Kerry’s speech warning of the end of two-state viability.

Let’s be clear: announcing the death of the two-state solution in 2016 or today is akin to calling time of death long after a funeral.

The debate, the conversation, the driving force for peace and justice in Israel-Palestine cannot be about salvaging a territory of fragmented Bantustans, pieced together with a highway and tunnel.

The map released by the White House this morning, without consulting the Palestinians in any capacity, reflects the same governance plan that has been in effect since 1967: one geographic entity with every border controlled by the Israeli military, a continued denial of the refugee right of return, and an illegal occupation of Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan Heights.


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