Land Conservation Part 2: Land Trusts

Julian Rauter interviews Rand Wentworth, President Emeritus of the Land Trust Alliance and Louis Bacon Senior Fellow in Environmental Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School. Professor Wentworth discusses how his experiences with outdoor recreation and real estate finance brought him to a leading role in the land trust community. He shares the case study of his work getting the America Gives More Act of 2015 passed through Congress with bipartisan support and reflects on how land conservation can challenge political divides.

Follow these links for more information on the America Gives More Act and the Land Trust Alliance. See here for information on Rand’s class at Harvard Kennedy School. We also discuss Terry Tempest Williams’ book The Hour of Land and Karl Jacoby’s history Crimes Against Nature, both of which will be interesting to people with attachments to America’s public lands.
Image courtesy of Flickr. Originally published by S&S on August 6, 2019.

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