IDJ articles re-published on Harvard University’s Sense & Sustainability platform

Editor’s Note:  This article first appeared in the International Development Journal, an online journal offering a platform to engage in debate and discussions on global policies and current affairs.

Over recent months, multiple articles written by Ken Fullerton and published on the International Development Journal (IDJ) have been re-published on Harvard University’s Sense & Sustainability (S&S) platform.

S&S’s mission is “to cultivate leaders with a holistic understanding of sustainability & to equip policymakers, business leaders, scientists, and the broader public with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue sustainable development.” It aligns closely with the IDJ’s mission which is “to create a respected and high quality journal with a sole focus on development, enriching people’s lives with articles that serve to inform and expose global issues.”

By sharing articles on multiple blogs, websites and other platforms it enables an increased number of people to be informed, to learn and to contribute to debates on events and issues occurring around the world. Commenting on the need to widely share sustainable development related articles on topics of importance, Joseph Chatham, Sense & Sustainability Managing Editor, says “As we move further into the 21st century, it will be more important than ever to disseminate research, raise awareness, and spark policy discussion around these increasingly important sustainability and development debates. Collaboration between Sense & Sustainability and the International Development Journal is a positive step in that direction.”

Imogen Braddick, Founder and Editor of the International Development Journal, while pleased to promote the Journal to a new audience and potential new contributors, also promotes increased awareness-raising. She believes “we have a duty in this increasingly globalised world to expose important issues from across the globe and not just what is happening on our doorstep. The internet is powerful; our collaboration with S&S can only work to enhance our common goal of sharing important stories to enrich and improve lives.”

Both publications are happy to continue seeing articles published on both platforms. Braddick states that “IDJ will continue to explore different avenues of collaboration with other like-minded publications. By expanding beyond a single platform, we are working towards fulfilling our mission of allowing every voice to be heard. We appreciate S&S and their commitment to our common goal and hope this collaborative relationship continues to flourish.” Chatham adds, “Sense & Sustainability is committed to bringing high-quality content to the sustainability community and to working with valuable partners such as the International Development Journal to do that. This is a relationship that we are committed not just to maintaining, but to fostering and expanding in the coming months and years.”

To stay informed around current development related topics, debates and events you can regularly check the websites of both the IDJ and S&S.


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