An Interview with Shacksbury Cider’s David Dolginow

From the decks of the Mayflower to the orchards of Johnny Appleseed, the story of apples — and hard apple cider — is (if not uniquely) undeniably an American one. Today, the hard cider industry is exploding, but only as global temperatures and the threats climate change rise with profits. What are the results of climate change on the apple and cider business and food production in general? In this interview with host Aroop Mukharji, David Dolginow, co-founder of Shacksbury Cider in Shoreham, Vermont, explores the cider industry’s deep-seeded history and looks towards the future of industries dependent on both climate and innovation for success. David discusses some of these innovations, and explains how food and beverage industries like his can draw upon history and local resources for answers to building a business model rooted in sustainability.

Photo: Shacksbury,
Intro/outro music: Basspartout, “New Horizons,” AudioJungle.

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