Global Agreements, Local Action: How Cities and Citizens are Mobilizing to Confront Climate Change


Conversations with Bina Venkataraman


Climate Policy:

Is there reason for optimism following the landmark bilateral agreement with China? What impact can cities and local communities have on the climate change landscape? Could efforts to improve the sustainability of cities also improve quality of life for its citizens? What role do natural disasters play in exposing the urgency and importance of regional climate change? Do environmental regulations spur innovation? How can an individual effect meaningful change on climate change issues? In this engaging interview with Bina Venkataraman, former Senior Advisor for Climate Change Innovation in the Executive Office of the President, we explore these questions and more. Jisung and Bina discuss a wide range of topics centering on climate change prevention at a regional level. They consider the recent climate change agreement with China, how sustainability efforts by cities can serve as building blocks for greater change, the efficacy of sluggish federal legislation to address urgent climate issues, and how individuals can confront local sustainability concerns by mobilizing their circles of influence.



Careers in Climate:

In this personal interview with Bina Venkataraman, former Senior Advisor for Climate Change Innovation in the Executive Office of the President, we mine Bina’s unique career path, uncovering gems of wisdom for those interested in a career in sustainability. Bina explains the power of a specific question in shaping the career of someone interested in sustainability, how careers in sustainability often develop in a non-linear fashion, and how our individual interests and experience will mold and define our career.



About Bina:

Bina leads efforts to advance the role of science, innovation, and technology in sustaining the health of people and the planet. She teaches at MIT and writes for publications including The New York Times & The Boston Globe.

Bina served until late 2014 as Senior Advisor for Climate Change Innovation in the Obama Administration in the Executive Office of the President, where she led  initiatives to stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship on the part of communities, companies, and citizens to respond to the changing climate. She is now director of global policy initiatives at the Broad Institute, and lecturer in MIT’s department of science, technology, and society.

Bina is an alumna of Brown University and holds a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School.  She is the recipient of a Fulbright scholarship, a Princeton in Asia fellowship, a Metcalf fellowship, and a James Reston fellowship. As a journalist she previously covered energy, science, and public health for The Boston Globe and The New York Times. She serves on the Brown University President’s Leadership Council.

Bina has worked in India, Alaska, Cuba, Mexico, Vietnam, and Guatemala; she grew up in the Midwest. Aside from policy, journalism, social enterprise, and teaching,  her previous endeavors have included translating Spanish and English in emergency rooms, teaching writing to Harlem high school students, working the graveyard shift at a dilapidated hotel in the Arctic wilderness, lobster fishing in Baja California Sur, and cataloguing films for a cinema critic in Havana.


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