Health Systems Failure 1: Ebola Basics

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is a cross-post from The Rounds Table podcast. The Rounds Table is a free weekly podcast that runs every Friday and provides an informative and irreverent discussion of major new research in medicine. You can listen to the podcast on Healthy Debate or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.


The Rounds Table is hosted by Dr. Amol Verma, who is a Fellow in General Internal Medicine at the University of Toronto and is actively involved in health services research. After medical school at the University of Toronto, he completed a Masters in Economic and Social History at Oxford University as a Rhodes scholar, where he studied health service delivery in conflict zones. His guest this week is Dr. Reena Pattani who is a General Internist at St. Michael’s Hospital and currently pursuing an MPH at Harvard University as a Frank Knox Fellow.

Amol and Reena discuss the basics of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa based on a report from the WHO Ebola Response Team in the New England Journal of Medicine. They aim to provide key information you might not get by just listening to the news. For example, we keep hearing that Ebola is “not that infectious”. Listen to find out what the best current science shows about just how infectious this virus is.

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Image Credit the Centers for Disease Control via WikimediaCommons. Image shows sign in West Africa in 2014.


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