Closing Key Platform 2014

To wrap up the second day’s “Plug in and Talk” session on innovation and sustainability, Jisung Park of S&S gave the closing speech, titled, “Toward Sustainability 2.0: Making the Perspective Shift.” He started the session by asking those in the audience to suspend their current definition of “sustainability” and open their minds to a new definition of the term. The main message of the talk was that corporations must stop thinking of “business” and “environment” as separate, but should integrate considerations of the environment into the true cost of their products to ensure sustainability of the planet, but also of their own operations. Using the examples of Walmart, Tesla Motors, and GE, Park discussed how modern companies can actually profit from being sustainable and creating social value.

He closed his presentation, as well as the KEY Platform 2014 Conference, with the question, “Have you made the shift?”


Next week, we’ll be publishing a full recap of the Key Platform 2014 and what we felt the essential takeaways were.


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