S&S Feedback

Now that we are nearly six months into the S&S re-launch we’d like to take a moment and ask our readers what you’d like to see from the site.  In the last six months we’ve published a range of pieces from discussions of the challenges of western wildfires to the effectiveness of social media at motivating activism.  Much of the content has been focused on energy and environmental challenges, but we’ve laid out some new editorial directions for 2014, which aim to maintain our focus on the environment while including more discussion of the interaction between business and sustainability as well as healthcare, education, and other topics in “human capital.”

That said, one of our major goals is to be responsive to readers.  What else would you like to see on the site?  Are their totally new topics we haven’t addressed that you would like to see?  Or just more coverage of issues that we’ve discussed in the past?  Our post today is an opportunity for you to take to the comments and let us know where our coverage has been lacking or what great new ideas you have for us to address.  So please leave us some feedback, and we’ll do our best to build it into our publications as we go forward into rest of the year.