Merry Christmas from S&S!

Merry Christmas! We hope you all are having a lovely holiday season, and are getting the opportunity to catch up with friends, family, and loved ones.

We’re spending today with our families, so in lieu of publishing new content we’re giving all of our readers the chance to take advantage of the holiday break to (hopefully) catch up on all the reading you’ve avoided over the course of the year!

To that end, here are some of the pieces we’ve published over the last few weeks:

S&S published it’s first-ever Issue Series, focusing on the myriad issues in the global water space. We published a number of articles, including Guilherme Lichand’s Tale of Many Cities, Tom Gole’s discussion of the economics of water, Zach Green’s exploration of the water / energy nexus, Julia Martins & Jack Becker’s study on water governance, and Kim Smet’s discussion on emerging solutions.

Additionally, Jisung sat down with noted water expert John Briscoe to discuss emerging global water issues, as well as to discuss career paths in this emerging space.

Overall the Issue Series was a huge success, and we look forward to developing more series like it in the future.

On the heels of the Issue Series, Adam Siegel discussed the role of NIMBYism in global sustainable development.  Earlier this week Micheal Mikulak explored how curing your own bacon can lead to a greater understanding of the production of modern food.

For those of you who are already up-to-date on our postings we’ll be back on Friday with our regular blog posts.  Look for exploration of topics as varied as food security, the “war on coal,” and the carbon footprint of Smaug (yes, the dragon).

Happy holidays again, and we look forward to continuing the conversation!