Happy Holidays from S&S

Hi Everyone,

To all of our readers in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving!  In recognition of the holiday, we’d like to use today to review of the pieces we’ve published over the past few weeks.  We’re giving all of our readers the chance to take advantage of the time-honored tradition among American students of using the Thanksgiving break to catch up on all the reading you’ve avoided over the course of the year!

So, to that end, here are some of the pieces we’ve published over the last few weeks:

The Overview Effect:  Jisung explores the impact of changing your perspective in his interview with Frank White.  Listen to hear about how removing the cultural blinders we often wear when examining a problem can lead to innovative solutions.

Green Deal Part II: Eleni Soulti follows up her first post about the UK Green Deal with an examination of some of the reasons why consumers have resisted taking up energy efficiency improvements.  We’ll be publishing her third piece, on the energy efficiency gap, next week.

The Paradox of Rural Electrification: Richa Goyal looks at some of the challenges to bringing electricity to rural India and finds lessons that are applicable in many rural areas.

The Climate Changes, But Will Our Minds? Jahred Liddie examines why climate change denialism has been so pernicious and the psychological reasons why we struggle to address climate change constructively.   This is a great piece to lead into Emily Pechar’s summary from the recent COP negotiations in Warsaw.  Ultimately a hopeful conference but one that still leaves much to be done before the 2015 COP in Paris.  For an example of what one might, optimistically, expect from that negotiation in Paris, check out Treaty Successes looking at how the Montreal Protocol has led to unexpected reductions in temperature rise.

Finally, Adam Siegal’s piece, NIMBY Threat to our Future, explores the very challenging issue of Not In My Back Yard protests that can derail clean energy projects (among others).

For those of you who are already up-to-date on our postings we’ll be back on Monday with our regular blog posts.  Look for Eleni’s energy efficiency follow-up piece as well as an examination of microfinance challenges in India and clean energy development in New York, all coming next week.

Image Credit: By TheCulinaryGeek from Chicago, USA (Pumpkin Pie Slice  Uploaded by the wub) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


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