Quick Hits: 11/02/13

As the week comes to a close, we offer your our week in review.


20131102_WBP003_0Brazil’s Oil Industry

Business: The Economist

On October 30th, OGX, the oil-and-gas firm at the heart of the business empire of Eike Batista, a flamboyant entrepreneur who was until recently Brazil’s richest man, filed for bankruptcy protection.


LEBANON-ECONOMY-OILLebanese Gas Stuck in Political Mud

Regulation: Forbes

A new report suggests that Lebanon’s off-shore potential is even larger than expected. So what’s keeping them from going after it?


131031-oceans-climate-changeOceans Warming Faster Than They Have in the Past 10,000 Years

Environment: TIME

Greenhouse gas emissions have been increasing, but warming has plateaued in recent years. It turns out the heat is likely being absorbed by the ocean depths.


02climate-articleLargeClimate Change Seen Posing Risk to Food Supply

Regulation: The NY Times

A leaked draft report form the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns that climate change could have wide-ranging negative effects on global agriculture.


_70836598_70832502‘Low Health Risk’ From Fracking

Human Capital: BBC News

The risks to public health from fracking are low, a new study finds.

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