Quick Hits: 10/19/13

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ROBOT-popupA Staff of Robots Can Clean and Install Solar Panels

Business: The NY Times

A California company thinks that robots that can install and clean thousands of solar panels may make solar energy competitive with fossil fuels.

APphoto_Global Warming RecordSupreme Court Agrees to Hear Greenhouse Gas Case

Regulation: LA Times

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge to the Obama Administration’s environmental regulations that would limit greenhouse gases coming from power plants and factories.

75315754Cold Years in the Future Could be Hotter Than the Hottest Years Now

Environment: TIME

A new study calculates that by 2047, average temperatures across much of the planet will rise to levels higher than we’ve ever seen in recent history.

Nuclear.power.plant.DukovanyVietnam Attracts Nuclear Investors Despite Fears Over Safety Following Japan Disaster

Energy & Technology : Washington Post

Vietnam is pressing ahead with South Asia’s most ambitious civilian nuclear energy program despite safety fears over the technology following the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

_70429652_london_smog_gettyAir Pollution Still Harming Europeans’ Health

Human Capital: BBC News

Urban populations are exposed to potentially damaging levels of air pollution, the EEA warns.

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