Quick Hits: 10/12/13

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For Safety in Reactors, Company Thinks Small
Business: The NY Times

A nuclear engineer has an idea to to avoid disasters like the one that befell the Fukushima reactors in Japan in 2011: build very small reactors.

World Adopts Landmark Mercury Treaty
Regulation: BBC News

Nations have begun signing a legally biding treaty designed to curb use of the toxic metal in products around the globe.

10,000 Walruses Gather on Island as Sea Ice Shrinks
 Environment: National Geographic News

The marine mammals, which usually spend their time resting on sea ice, are increasingly forced to haul out on land.

Fuel from Landfill Methane Goes on Sale
Energy & Technology: NY Times

Farmers, waste management companies and the energy industries have long experimented with converting methane, a byproduct of decomposing organic matter, into transportation fuel.

The Other 1 Percent
Human Capital: Washington Post

Why a tiny fraction of Americans consumes a giant share of health-care dollars.

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