Moving the Needle

MovingTheNeedleMuch is often made of the steps that could be taken to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and improve the overall sustainability of the global economy. Carbon taxes could be levied, advanced new energy sources could be developed, transportation infrastructure could be retooled. But all of these efforts are theoretical, to be implemented at an indeterminate date somewhere down the road.

As recent bouts of wild weather have suggested, perhaps we don’t have as long as we thought we did to address these issues. Perhaps what we do now, today, really will matter down the road.

To that end, here on Sense & Sustainability, the month of February will be devoted to “moving the needle.” What can be done, and what is being done, right now to address these increasingly pressing issues? Keeping all else constant, what can be done right now to help?

From a solar-powered military, to simple regulatory & legal changes, to the use of mobile technology for environmental management, many public & private organizations are already working hard to address sustainability issues right now – but will these efforts be enough? And what else can be done?

Over the next month we will be discussing these and many other efforts in the pages of this blog. We invite you to read, comment below, and join in the discussion.