Announcing New Partnership with the Harvard Environmental Law Review!

Ever wonder how the legal profession approaches pressing issues of sustainability?

S&S is excited to announce a new partnership with the Harvard Environmental Law Review (HELR), the nation’s premier publication on environmental law. We hope to expand our coverage of the legal dimensions of sustainability issues, and to share perspectives across the disciplinary spectrum.

Since 1976, the HELR has been bringing key insights to hot button issues from creating international aviation emissions agreements to expediting green energy innovation. Published twice annually, it is currently edited by a staff of over 50 Harvard Law School students. The HELR selects and edits articles by leading scholars and practitioners, and publishes comments on recent landmark cases and notes on the most cutting edge legal issues. While the The Review’s backbone is still the print journal, it has posted all of its articles online. The HELR has also launched a new HELR Online Journal, which hosts quick but still intensive reads on the most current topics, such as the impact of the recent Health Care Decision on current US environmental laws

As always, our goal is to bring you snapshots of the research frontier in rigorous but digestible form. We hope that partnering with HELR will allow us to continue doing so!