S&S Partners with the 2×2 Project

Red meat and heart disease? Exercise and cancer? Neighborhoods and obesity?

We read about the latest and greatest health study in the media every day, but with so many contradictory results, health news can be difficult to navigate. That’s why Columbia’s Department of Epidemiology has created the 2×2 Project, a new online venue dedicated to bringing you “Health Beyond the Headlines.”

2×2’s team of journalist-epidemiologists takes you behind the chatter to the heart and science of public health. Content includes an engaging mix of in-depth reviews of the studies and health policy issues that are making headlines, commentary on the most important health issues of the day from leading health experts and interesting data from the latest papers and reports. Most importantly: no specialized background in public health is required.

S&S has partnered with 2×2 to feature pieces at the nexus of sustainability and health — a partnership to which we look forward.

Check out the discussion at the2x2project.org. You can also find 2×2 on Twitter and Facebook.