The Business of Sustainability: Why Should CEO’s Care?

The Business of Sustainability: Why Should CEO’s Care?

Guest: Knut Haanaes; Global Leader, BCG Sustainability Practice; Boston Consulting Group


Knut is a partner in the Oslo office and the global leader of BCG’s Sustainability practice. He started working at BCG in 2000 and is also a member of the Telecommunications, Media, and Technology practice and the Strategy practice. Through his client work at BCG, he has accumulated extensive experience in a number of industries, including financial services, petroleum, consumer goods and retailing, technology, and telecommunications.

Knut has a master’s degree in economics from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) and a PhD in strategy from Copenhagen Business School. He was also a postdoctorate/visiting scholar at Stanford University. Knut previously worked as executive director of The Research Council of Norway, heading the innovation division. He was also an associate professor at the Norwegian School of Management BI and a research associate at IMD in Switzerland.

Episode Summary:

Do business leaders view sustainability as a serious issue? What are businesses actually doing to address the issues that they perceive? Why do CEO’s act on these issues at all? Knut Haanaes, Global Head of Boston Consulting Group’s Sustainbility Practice, addresses these and many more questions in the latest of a series of episodes looking at the business side of the sustainability coin.

James Hacker, Haonan Li, and Monica Varman contributed to the production of this podcast.


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