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In the latest episode of S&S, New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner Nick Kristof talks about women’s rights, girls’ education and sustainable development — all of which are themes from his recent book, Half the Sky.

If you have listened to the episode or read the book, and you have something to contribute to the conversation, you can submit a response to our blog! Please send your response to [email protected], and we’ll select a few to publish over the next few weeks.

Nick addresses some heavy questions:

Is there an economic argument for the education of women?

Are some religions inherently misogynistic?

Are there drawbacks to focusing on individual stories and anecdotes, when the issues are so complex and structural?

How do we address the complex web of cultural, legal and economic issues that come with advocating women’s rights internationally?

We imagine many of you have different opinions on some or all of these issues. We’d like to hear your perspective!

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