Hemant Taneja on Clean-Tech Venture Capital

Topic: Clean-Tech Venture Capital

Institution: General Catalyst Partners (A Venture Capital Firm)

Bio: As a Managing Director General Catalyst Partners, Hemant invests in early stage companies. His areas of special interest include disruptive energy solutions, and next generation mobile platforms.

Before joining General Catalyst in 2002, Hemant was founder and CEO of Isovia, a Boston-based mobile software and applications company that merged with JP Mobile in 2002, and was subsequently acquired by Good Technology in 2005.  Hemant recently founded “Advanced Energy Economy“, a non-profit organization focused on catalyzing regional energy innovation clusters across America.  This work is based on the pioneering work that he did in founding the New England Clean Energy Council, which received an award from the Department of Energy.  Hemant actively lectures at MIT and Stanford to inspire technical students on entrepreneurship as a vehicle for technical impact.

Hemant is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, earning an M.S. in Operations Research, an M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, a B.S. in Mathematics, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, and a B.S. in Biology & Biomedical Engineering.

Episode Summary:

Hemant talks about what it means to be a venture capitalist, focusing on his work in the Clean-Tech Venture Capital industry. Hemant and Jisung also talk about the process of evaluating Clean-Tech start-ups and the potential implications of the 2008 financial crisis on industry prospects.

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