Dr. Ngaire Woods on Global Financial Regulation Following the 2008 Crisis

Topic: Global Financial Regulation in the Wake of the 2008 Financial Crisis

Institution: Oxford University, University College, Blavatnik School of Government

Bio: Ngaire Woods is Professor of International Political Economy and Academic Director of the Blavatnik School of Government. She is also Director of the Global Economic Governance Programme. Her recent books include Networks of Influence? Developing Countries in a Networked Global Order (with Leonardo Martinez-Diaz, Oxford University Press, 2009), The Politics of Global Regulation (with Walter Mattli, Oxford University Press, 2009), The Globalizers: the IMF, the World Bank and their Borrowers (Cornell University Press, 2006), Exporting Good Governance: Temptations and Challenges in Canada’s Aid Program (with Jennifer Welsh, Laurier University Press, 2007), and Making Self-Regulation Effective in Developing Countries (with Dana Brown, Oxford University Press, 2007). She has previously published The Political Economy of Globalization (Macmillan, 2000), Inequality, Globalization and World Politics (with Andrew Hurrell: Oxford University Press, 1999), Explaining International Relations since 1945 (Oxford University Press, 1986), and numerous articles on international institutions, globalization, and governance.

Ngaire Woods was educated at Auckland University (BA in economics, LLB Hons in law). She studied at Balliol College, Oxford as a New Zealand Rhodes Scholar, completing an M.Phil in International Relations (with Distinction) and D.Phil. She has served as an Advisor to the IMF Board, the UNDP’s Human Development Report, and the Commonwealth Heads of Government.

Episode Summary: Ngaire Woods talks about the challenges of regulating international finance and proposes some essential regulatory reforms. Ngaire and Jisung also talk about the broader challenges of formulating international governance structures that are adaptive to emerging global issues like climate change.


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