Dr. Klaus Lackner on Air Capture and Climate Change Mitigation

Topic: Air Capture Technology and Climate Mitigation

Institution: Columbia University, Earth Institute

Bio: Klaus Lackner is the Ewing Worzel Professor of Geophysics and Earth and Environmental Engineering at the Earth Institute at Columbia University, where he is also the director of the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy. Dr. Lackner’s scientific career started in the phenomenology of weakly interacting particles. Later searching for quarks, he and George Zweig developed the chemistry of atoms with fractional nuclear charge. He is still participating in matter searches for particles with a non-integer charge in an experiment conducted at Stanford by Martin Perl and his group.  After joining Los Alamos National Laboratory, Klaus Lackner became involved in hydrodynamic work and fusion related research. In recent years, he has published on the behavior of high explosives, novel approaches to inertial confinement fusion, and numerical algorithms.  His interest in self-replicating machine systems has been recognized by Discover Magazine as one of seven ideas that could change the world.  Presently he is developing innovative approaches to energy issues of the future.  He has been instrumental in forming ZECA, the Zero Emission Coal Alliance, which is an industry-led effort to develop coal power with zero emissions to the atmosphere.  His recent work is on environmentally acceptable technologies for the use of fossil fuels.

Professor Lackner’s Top Three:

1. George Gamow: One Two Three… Infinity

2. Freeman Dyson: Disturbing the Universe

3. Richard Simon

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