Welcome to our new interactive blog

Dear listeners,

We’re excited to introduce today a new feature of the Sense and Sustainability website: this interactive blog. It’s just one more way we can communicate with you about the interesting issues in sustainable development, and a whole new way for you to interact with and communicate with us.

First, I owe you an introduction. I’m the new Director of Outreach and Publicity for S&S. As the podcast’s audience has grown dramatically in the past few months — we’ve had over 11,000 downloads since February — Jisung has brought in an exciting team of staff and advisory board members to support this developing project. You can meet all of the new team at the About page.

Second, why are we blogging? Because we want to engage with even more issues than can fit in the podcasts released every two weeks. We’re enlisting a diverse group of contributors to bring their unique perspectives to the website. And we’re excited to engage more directly with you, our listeners and readers — through the comments section, through online polls, and through topics you’ve suggested for posts.

We’ll try to use the blog to direct your attention to articles, studies and events that are thought-provoking and off the beaten path. For now, we’ll post regularly every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and we’ll fill in the gaps with guest contributors. As always, we’ll maintain the podcast’s goals of providing thoughtful, informative, articulate analysis from a wide range of perspectives on sustainable development.

We’d love it if you’d get involved with this new project. If you want to share an article or comment, or if you’d like to publish a guest entry,  please email [email protected].

And just a reminder: it’s easy to subscribe to our iTunes feed for automatic downloads of the podcast, and join us on Facebook if you’d like to hear more from us about the site.

Let us know your reactions in the comments section below!