Dr. Christopher Shaw on Teaching Sustainable Development

Topic: Teaching Sustainable Development

Institution: Phillips Academy Andover

Bio: Dr Shaw is a teacher at Phillips Academy, Andover, a private boarding school in Massachusetts. He teaches world history, economics, and African History and Ecology, in addition to being the incoming chair of the history faculty. Dr. Shaw’s training is in development economics, and prior to coming to Andover, he worked for several years in the private sector as an economist specializing in poverty alleviation, trade and competitiveness in the poorest countries of the world. He has also been the leader of the International Academic Partnership at Phillips Academy for seven years, a consortium of some 300 schools in Africa, Central and South Asia, the Middle East and Europe dedicated to curricular innovation and professional development. 

Episode Summary: Dr. Christopher Shaw of Phillips Academy Andover talks about some of the challenges (and joys) of teaching sustainable development to high school students, as well as some of his own experiences as a undergraduate and PhD student.

Phillips Academy

The Fletcher School at Tufts

Dr. Shaw’s Top Three:

1. Herman Daly

2. E. O. Wilson

3. Amartya Sen

(4.) Taking a walk outside in the woods


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