Dr. Nick Eyre on Energy Policy in the UK

Topic: Energy Policy in the UK

Institution: Oxford University, Environmental Change Institute: Low Carbon Futures Group

Bio: Nick Eyre is a Jackson Senior Research Fellow at the ECI and Oriel College and leader of the Lower Carbon Futures group. He is a Co-Director of the UK Energy Research Centre, leading its research work on energy demand. Nick has worked as a researcher, consultant and manager on energy and environmental issues since 1984. His interests focus on energy policy, especially with respect to energy demand, energy efficiency and small scale conversion and supply. Nick has published extensively on energy, climate, environment and transport issues, and is co-author of a book on carbon markets to be published this year. To see Dr. Eyre’s full bio, click here.

Nick’s Top Three

1. IPCC Fourth Assessment Report

2. Amory Lovins, “Soft Energy Paths: Toward a Durable Future”

3. Tim Jackson, “Prosperity without Growth”

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