David Witzel on the Innovation Exchange and the Corporate Sector

Topic: The Corporate Sector and Environmental Sustainability

Institution: Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) – Corporate Partnerships Program

Bio: David Witzel is the Director of the Innovation Exchange, part of the Corporate Partnerships program at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), an environmental non-profit headquartered in New York. David’s current work focuses on building the community of best practices to enable businesses leaders to learn from their peers and leverage the power of collective innovation. David holds a Master in Public Policy from the Kennedy School at Harvard, and prior to joining EDF he worked as the founder and managing director of Forum One Communications.

Books and Articles Mentioned:

Michael Porter and Mark Kramer, “The Big Idea: Creating Shared Value”


Umar Haque, “The New Capitalist Manifesto”


Dan Esty, with Andrew Winston “Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage”


David’s Blog – EDF+Business:


EDF’s Open R&D Eco-challenge:


David’s Top Three

  1. John Doer’s, TED talk on GreenTech
  2. Peter Senge, “The Necessary Revolution” (related: Donella Meadows, “Thinking in Systems“)
  3. Clay Shirky, “Here Comes Everybody


Intro/Outtro music: Edgar Meyer, Bella Fleck, Mike Marshal, “Sliding Down” in Heartland: An Appalachian Anthology