Reed Doucette on the Economic Prospects of Electric Cars

Topic: The Future of Electric Cars

Field and Institution: Engineering, University of Oxford

Bio: Reed is a PhD candidate in the engineering sciences department at the University of Oxford, where he is currently a Rhodes Scholar. He is a native of Lodai, California, and a graduate of USC, where he majored in mechanical engineering, and played on the men’s basketball team. Reed’s major area of research interest is electric cars, specifically, modeling electric and hybrid powertrains. He is also a member of the Oxford University Basketball Team, and will be joining McKinsey Co. in San Francisco beginning in the fall.

Links to Books and Articles mentioned:

Reed’s article in Energy Policy on electric cars and factors determining their carbon-intensity.

Reed’s Top Three (Four):

1. Daniel Yergin, The Prize

2. Steven Coll, Ghost Wars

3. Sir Arthur Donan Doyle , Sherlock Holmes

4. Kurt Vonnegut

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