Lucas Merrill Brown on Environmental Politics and Political Organizing

Topic: Environmental Politics, Political Organizing for Social Change

Field and Institution: Economics, Oxford University

Bio: Lucas is a Master’s candidate in the Economics department at the University of Oxford, where he is a Rhodes Scholar. A graduate of Oberlin College, Lucas has worked on a number of environmental projects, including SEED House and EDGE fund, both at Oberlin. He also worked as regional field director of Congressman Tom Perriello’s reelection campaign in 2010. Lucas’ current research focuses on the spread of environmental innovation by utilizing field data on solar panel adoption and social experiments in the lab.


Links to Books and Articles mentioned:

New York Times article on SEED House:

Mike Hulme, Why We Disagree about Climate Change, 2009

Nat Keohane (Former Chief Economist at EDF)

A great introductory environmental economics book by Nat and Sheila Olmstead


Lucas’ Top Three

1. Earth: The Sequel. Fred Krupp

2. The System. Johnson and Broder

3. Seeing Like a State. James Scott

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