Each week, a group of 10-15 undergraduate and graduate fellows come together to engage in a moderated conversation. There is a rotating discussion chair, and he/she provides a brief presentation on a topic of choice, followed by a prompt for discussion. Previous prompts have included:
– Is capitalism inherently biased toward unsustainability?
– How should we think about the issue of climate-induced migration?

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Fellows Program seeks to create a space wherein future sustainability leaders can learn from a diversity of perspectives and push each other to reflect more deeply about firmly held views. Additionally, each undergraduate fellow is assigned a graduate mentor, with whom he or she is encouraged to meet independently.

Throughout the year, breakout groups engage fellows in a variety of focused activities. Podcast fellows help the podcast team to research, record, produce, and publish episodes. Writing fellows produce sustainability-related articles for the S&S blog. Conference and speakers events fellows are tasked with coordinating on-campus speaker events and an annual conference with a partner media organization in Seoul, Korea.

For a list of previous fellows, please visit our Fellows Program Alumni page.
Otherwise, meet the S&S Fellows of 2015-2016 below:

Kim SmetKim Smet, Graduate Fellow
PhD Candidate in Environmental Engineering, Harvard University
BSc in Environmental Science, University of British Columbia

Kim was born and raised in Zimbabwe and lived in Vancouver, Canada, where she studied Environmental Science with a focus on hydrology at the University of British Columbia. Upon graduation, she worked as a contaminated sites consultant to the petroleum industry in British Columbia for two years. In her current research, Kim is exploring the role that Real Options analysis and flexibility in infrastructure design can play in designing physical water management systems that have a higher degree of adaptability, as driven by increased future uncertainty under climate change. She is applying these concepts to case studies on the North Sea Canal in the Netherlands and the Mississippi River in the USA.

Samuel StolperSamuel Stolper, Graduate Fellow
PhD in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
BS in Biomedical Engineering, Brown University

Sam is a postdoctoral fellow at MIT, jointly through the MIT Energy Initiative, the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, and the Department of Economics. In 2017, he will become an assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment. Outside of business hours, Sam likes cooking, basketball, and playing music.

MBailey June 2015Megan Bailey, Graduate Fellow
PhD Candidate in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
MA in International Relations, Fresno State
BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and BA in Studio Art, Fresno State

Megan grew up in a small town in southern California’s Angeles National Forest and pursued undergraduate studies in the state’s Central Valley, one of the contemporary agricultural capitals of the world. In both contexts she witnessed how land management, air quality regulation, and even labor policies directly impact the environment and human welfare in complex ways. She is currently studying climate change policy design, combining interviews of European firms with statistical techniques to evaluate the performance of the EU cap-and-trade system. Megan also enjoys hiking, espresso, and art.

CKLA_095_no backgroundAroop Mukharji, Podcast Host
PhD Candidate in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
BA in Mathematics and Political Science, Williams College

Aroop studies American foreign policy and hosts the web series “Office Hours” through the Belfer Center. Hailing from Prairie Village, Kansas, Aroop became a Junior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington DC after graduating from college. He then earned a Masters in International Relations from London School of Economics (’11) and a Masters in International Peace and Security from King’s College London (’12) on a Marshall Scholarship. In his free time, Aroop likes to cook, play racket sports, and serve as a groupie to his brother’s band, Darlingside.

_MJH1118 - CopyJonathan Baker, Graduate Writing Fellow
PhD Candidate in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
MS Technology and Policy, MIT
MS Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
BS Physics, Davidson College

Jonathan is a 6th year PhD student studying water policy. His current research explores programs aimed at reducing water consumption and improving water quality. He has also spent time along the Mississippi River and traveling throughout Nevada learning about challenges associated with managing either too much, or too little water. Jonathan also spends a lot of time running, and enjoys most outdoor beach and alpine activities.

1be3444Daniel Velez-Lopez, Graduate Writing Fellow
PhD Candidate in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
BA in Economics and Mathematics, University of Maryland

Daniel Velez-Lopez is a PhD Candidate in Public Policy at Harvard University and a pre-doctoral fellow at the Harvard Environmental Economics Program. His current research focuses environmental and energy policy both in the United States and the developing world. He is particularly interested in how features of developing countries such as liquidity constraints or missing financial markets affect the value of information for individuals and firms and their ability to adapt to changes in their environment. He is also interested in studying the effectiveness and efficiency of second-best environmental policies such as daily driving restrictions that are common in developing countries.

IMG_4730Jahred Liddie, Undergraduate Writing Fellow
Environmental Science and Engineering Concentrator, Harvard College

As an environmental engineering major and environmental policy minor, Jahred is drawn toward the intersection of science and policy. During his time at Harvard, he has interned in the World Bank’s Water Security Global Solution Group, and did research relating to drinking water and contaminant exposure. Outside side of all things environment, he enjoys playing and listening to music, exercise, and green tea with honey.

Annie MorefieldAnnie Morefield, Undergraduate Blog Management Fellow
Economics Concentrator, Harvard College

Annie is a junior from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. At Harvard, she is an Economics concentrator and a member of the Varsity Field Hockey team. Over the summer she worked for a technology start-up at MIT, focusing on marketing and advertising for the greater Boston Area. This year, she will be following her passion for healthcare research in Washington, D.C. working on management cases in hospitals around the country. Annie loves to photograph, travel, and cheer on her favorite Boston sports teams when she can find the time.

MeiyinMei Yin Wu, Undergraduate Writing Fellow
Statistics Concentrator, Harvard College

Mei Yin is a junior from New York City, studying Statistics and Energy & The Environment. Her internship with the Nature Conservancy in high school sparked her interest in biodiversity conservation and environmental economics. She has spent the last summer working on promoting sustainable business solutions to poverty in Peru as well as working with the Conservation Strategy Fund on their annual environmental economics conference. In her free time, she can be found running, swimming, or falling down.

kateKate Yoon, Conference Fellow
Social Studies Concentrator, Harvard College

Kate is a student at Harvard College studying Social Studies with a secondary in English. She grew up moving back and forth between Canada and South Korea. Her international upbringing has sparked her interest in place, space and how humans interact with the world around them. She is interested in geography, urban sustainability and the humanitarian implications of climate change. Kate is also an avid traveller with a talent for dealing with unexpected crises on the road.

option 2Johan Arango, Writing Fellow
Master’s Candidate in Sustainability, Harvard University Extension School
BEng Agroindustrial, Universidad de San Buenaventura

Johan was born and raised in Colombia where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Agroindustrial Engineering. Upon graduation, he worked in the chemical, agricultural, and food industries. He also recently worked as a Research Assistant at the Graduate School of Design’s Zofnass program for sustainable infrastructure. He is pursuing a Master in Sustainability and is very interested in how technology can foster sustainable practices where food systems and energy sectors intersect. Johan also enjoys listening to music and teaching Spanish.

LydiaLydia Deng, Events Fellow
Psychology Concentrator, Harvard College

Lydia is a student at Harvard College studying Psychology. She has been involved in various business organizations throughout college and hopes to work more with sustainable economic development. Additionally, she’s interested in healthcare with a focus on mental health. In her free time, she enjoys playing music, snowboarding, and hiking.

abby-15Abby Duker, Podcast Fellow
History of Art & Architecture and Social Anthropology Joint Concentrator, Harvard College

Abby is sophomore at Harvard studying urbanism in all respects. She is interested in socially and environmentally conscious design practices, especially as they apply to non-Western countries. She joins S&S after a gap year spent traveling and working in public radio, and a summer spent supervising the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter and researching the effectiveness of the World Health Organization’s Healthy Cities program. Her family is from Ghana, she grew up in Virginia, and now calls Dubai home. No matter where she is, she’s probably eating ice cream.

Sense&Sustainability_pictureAldís Elfarsdóttir, Undergraduate Writing Fellow
Bioengineering Concentrator, Harvard College

A junior and bioengineer in training, Aldís looks forward to applying biomaterials research to environmental systems through landfill liner design and wastewater filtration systems. Having interned on the Data & Analytics team at Lux Research to build a preliminary database of U.S. water prices and rights, she subsequently founded a campus-based Water Innovation Team on the premise that combining data analytics with creative outreach can guide communities and organizations toward environmentally-minded practice. This year with S&S, she also continues her work with the campus Resource Efficiency Program after a summer with the Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN) in New Hampshire as a zero-waste movement building intern. A violinist, journal-keeper, and Buddhist at heart, Aldís fondly recalls childhood watermelon-eating contests, chewing on lemongrass with her brother, skýr, harðfiskur, and waves of salty cold air on the black sand beaches of Iceland.

YearbookBryanHu2015 (1)Bryan Hu, Writing Fellow
Environmental Science and Engineering Concentrator, Harvard College

Bryan is an environmental engineering student from the city of Tucson, Arizona, who’s interested in energy and corporate sustainability issues. Like many others, he’s drawn to the field of sustainability for its immense consequences and immediate proximity to our world. At Harvard, Bryan is a sports writer for The Crimson and an avid chess player. He’s also a huge music fanatic outside of academia.

KellyKelly McGee, Podcast Fellow
Social Studies Concentrator, Harvard College

Kelly is a senior who grew up exploring the woods and coast of Massachusetts and spent several summers teaching youth about natural history at a local Audubon preserve. Within the Social Studies department, she focuses on urban sustainability and will be writing a thesis on Seattle’s efforts to involve low income and minority residents in the city’s environmental programs. She is particularly interested in urban agriculture, the environmental justice movement, and environmental art. On campus she enjoys introducing others to the outdoors through the FOP program and sharing student stories in podcast form.

IMG_5532Peyten Sharp, Undergraduate Writing Fellow
Psychology Concentrator

Peyten grew up in Kilgore, Texas, and he is now a junior at Harvard College studying Psychology with a secondary in Economics. He has kept a job since he was 15 and works as a bartender on campus. Peyten enjoys traveling, having journaled about his experiences backpacking around Europe, teaching in China, practicing Spanish in Buenos Aires, and driving his van around the US. He serves as the president of the LGBT business society, plays on the club golf team, and is starting a non-profit. Peyten finds interest in environmental policy and education, and he served as a research fellow at Columbia Law School over the summer, focusing on the lack of separation of church and state in southern parts of the country. He enjoys hiking, reading, and the occasional music festival.

close-up-portrait2Kimberely Yu, Undergraduate Writing Fellow
Chemical and Physical Biology Concentrator, Harvard College

Kimberley was born in Canada and currently lives in Plano, Texas. She is particularly interested in how technology and policy intersect to impact environmental sustainability, international development, and health/medicine, and has worked on related projects such as studying HIV/AIDS care, public policy, and technological interventions in South Africa last summer. She currently does computational biology research in the Burge Laboratory at MIT, where she studies the regulation of mRNA splicing in response to inflammatory stimuli. For fun, Kimberley loves to travel, paint, photograph, dance, and indulge in yummy foods like froyo, avocado, and berries!