BYM and S&S Excited to Announce Official Partnership

Brightest Young Minds (BYM) and Harvard University’s Sense & Sustainability (S&S) are excited to announce their recently signed official partnership agreement. The partnership is intended to be mutually beneficial for both organisations and is expected to help them expand, broaden their impact and to continue promoting sustainable development.

BYM was established in South Africa and is a 17-year-old non-profit company that exists to create a positive social impact. It does this by identifying, connecting and mobilising Africa’s most innovative and responsible young people. Commenting on the recently signed partnership agreement, BYM’s CEO Dhiren Govender, says “We are excited to partner with S&S through the submission of articles written by our alumni. As an organisation that represents positive change-makers across the African continent, BYM’s association with S&S not only exemplifies the cross-border thinking required in today’s world, but also provides a reputable platform for the voices of young African’s to be heard when dealing with and reporting on complex issues that affect us all.”

BYM’s annual flagship event is a 5-day Summit in which 100 of Africa’s brightest young people between the ages of 20 and 35 are selected to attend. It now has an alumni network consisting of over 1700 members comprising of academics, bankers, consultants, engineers, entrepreneurs and many others. They come from diverse backgrounds and make a positive difference through entrepreneurship, social projects and academics. Their ongoing successes help define the impact of BYM and continue to make Africa and the world a better place.

As part of its new “From 5 to 365” strategy BYM wishes to continue supporting their alumni and the work that they do beyond the 5-day summit. In this regard, its partnership with S&S is hugely beneficial as it will allow alumni to write and publish articles on S&S. Doing so will enable them to promote the work they are doing, initiatives and programs implemented by other entrepreneurs and organisations and/or important policy changes. They will also be promoting sustainable development in general. Govender believes “The SDG’s seek active citizenship from all of us, and this partnership creates a space for that action to occur and be shared”.

S&S’ Editor-in-Chief, Joe Chatham, is also very happy with the partnership agreement and believes “It is a natural fit that will bring together young leaders and experts passionate about sustainability from across Africa and around the world, expanding the scope and reach of both organizations. ” S&S’ mission is “To cultivate leaders with a holistic understanding of sustainability and to equip policymakers, business leaders, scientists, and the broader public with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue sustainable development.”

Acknowledging that the challenges of sustainability are many, and urgent, S&S’s articles and content reflect the urgent need to rethink sustainability as something more comprehensive than the buzzword it has become. To reflect this thinking, S&S’ content is organised into five broad issues areas, which capture what they believe to be the key components of a new sustainability agenda, including Business & Economics, Energy & Technology, Health & Human Capital, Environment & Ecosystems and Regulation & Governance.

Chatham and S&S are excited at the opportunity to receive and publish short-articles from BYM’s diverse alumni network in line with the broad issue areas they focus on. Chatham says that by making others more aware of innovative and successful development programs and policies “Current and future generations can reinvigorate sustainable corporate and governmental practices, helping to redress past errors and pave the way for future successes.” Govender believes that BYM can help S&S to expand its reach and continue promoting sustainability by “Generating content from the varied perspectives that make up the BYM network across Africa and the world”.

While BYM and S&S are committed to making the partnership one that lasts and is a success, both organisations remain interested in exploring other partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs and organisations. Establishing effective and mutually beneficial partnerships can play a major role in ensuring sustainable development occurs.


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