Renewable Energy World Top 10 Trends for 2017

Editor’s Note:  This article first appeared in the International Development Journal, an online journal offering a platform to engage in debate and discussions on global policies and current affairs., is an internet based platform, whose “Foremost mission is to inform [their] readers about the use of Renewable Energy worldwide and, in the process, assist you with decision making when it comes to anything related to Renewable Energy.”

The website was started in the year 1999 by a group of professionals who worked in renewable energy who believe they “Have created perhaps the single most recognized and trusted source of Renewable Energy News and Information on the Internet.”

In a recent article, author and Associate Editor of Renewable Energy World, Jennifer Delony, discusses the top ten renewable energy related trends to watch in 2017. It was compiled following “A review of all headlines published by Renewable Energy World [in 2016].”

Number one on her list, “… for its sheer volume of activity in the solar sector in 2016” is the country of India. Indian President Narendra Modi has hugely ambitious plans and has already set aside $3 billion in state funding for solar projects. A further $100 billion in investments have come from the international community while India is set to start up its first green bank which will support green finance through “unique public-private mechanisms.”

Elon Musk’s company Tesla is ranked number two. Delony says “Tesla’s story [in 2016] was full of twists and turns.” She discusses Musk’s work in 2016 in the field of home solar storage systems, in expanding Tesla’s partnership with Panasonic, in buying SolarCity for $2 billion and in unveiling a glass solar roof concept. Unsure of what will happen with Musk and Tesla in 2017 Delony comments that “What to expect in 2017 from this incredible company and its leader is anyone’s guess.”

The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States is seen as the third biggest renewable energy trend of 2017. Delony believes “Very little has ever shocked the renewable energy and environmental communities more than the election in [November] 2016 of Donald Trump.” There is great concern over whether he will start work on undoing the work that former President Obama did to protect the environment, advance clean energy policies nationally and to help bring the global community together.

The other issues and trends that close out Delony’s list include corporations embracing and switching to renewables, the growth of offshore wind power in the United States, storage in energy markets, the rise of pay-as-you-go energy systems across Africa, the growth of pumped storage hydro energy, drones and finally at number 10 the use of renewable jet fuel.

Now that we already into February do you agree with Delony’s trend predictions? What significant trends do you believe are missing? Which trends should not have been included? Start a discussion in the comments box below.


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