S&S in Seoul: Take Three

This week a group from S&S took a break from Cambridge, Massachusetts and flew to Seoul, South Korea. The primary purpose of the trip, was to attend the 2016 K.E.Y. Platform at the Conrad Hotel from Apr. 28th – 29th, marking the third year of S&S involvement.

Hosted by Money Today, the K.E.Y. Platform is a conference that brings together academics, entrepreneurs, and investors to share innovative ideas about sustainable business practices in the modern age. This particular conference focused on twenty-first century globalization, a phenomenon likened to a fourth industrial revolution. The first day consisted of plenaries and breakout panel sessions that explored the different ways businesses must innovate and adapt to rapidly changing market circumstances while the second day was largely dedicated to panels concerning how businesses can harness the power of algorithms and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way business is conducted. S&S served as an auxiliary role this year, acting as a content provider for the conference by connecting relevant academics and procuring interviews for Money Today.

Prior to the conference, a few members of the S&S team presented their research at a joint Environmental Economics and Policy seminar with Seoul National University, organized by Professor Jong Ho Hong of the Graduate School of Environmental Studies. Writing Fellow Kim Smet presented her research on how flexibility in infrastructure design can add value given climate change uncertainty, using a case study concerning flood defense in the Netherlands. Jisung Park, executive director of S&S, followed up with his research examining the relationship between temperature, test scores, and human capital attainment. Lastly, Writing Fellow Sam Stolper shared his research on the link between water pollution and infant health, using data from the Mehta v. Union of India case. Students from Seoul National University presented on a variety of topics ranging from comparing heat and cold extremes in Asian cities to comparing organic and conventional methods of tomato growth. The S&S team and SNU students found learning about each other’s research efforts as well as campus culture immensely interesting and look forward to more conversations in the future.

Academic interests aside, S&S did not fail to take advantage of all the sights and activities Seoul has to offer. From enjoying traditional tea cookies to fresh octopus at the fish market, S&S has pretty much eaten its way through Seoul. On the last day, some of the team went for a baseball game in Jamsil while others decided to venture further north to experience the Demilitarized Zone. Like last year, S&S found this trip to be an incredible educational and bonding experience and looks forward to similar opportunities in the future.


Image courtesy by Travel Oriented via Flickr.


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