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Best of the Newsweek: April 10

As the week comes to a close, we offer your our week in review.

07LIGHT2-jumboLight Pollution
New York Times
Taking a closer look at the effects of light pollution.

05SPACECOVER1-superJumboNASA is Facing a Climate Change Countdown

New York Times 
Kennedy Space Center and other NASA facilities near
coastlines are facing the prospect of continually rising waters.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 4.12.39 PMOil Rally Drives Up Global Stocks

Washington Post
It might not be enough to be sustainable over the next week.

Out of date rotting food in dustbin

Our Massive Food Waste

Huffington Post
It might be a force for our climate change.

gettyimages-488635541_custom-248405883b1e59b9dff8233332ad60173ce7d9b6-s1400-c85Crater in Mexico set to be Excavated

65.5 million years ago, a meteor hit the earth, causing 70 percent of the species at the time to become extinct.

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