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As the week comes to a close, we offer your our week in review.

misconception-snow2-master1050-v2Even in A Warming World, It Will Snow Somewhere

New York Times
You have heard the snide comment, “it’s snowing in April, global warming doesn’t exist.” Here is why that statement is far off course.

30porter1-master675NAFTA May Have Saved Many Autoworkers’ Jobs

New York Times 
Rhetoric from the right wing has tried to break these trade agreements, however, there is evidence to suggest they are saving jobs.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 3.05.08 PMEurope Gets Ready to Ship Refugees Stuck in Greece Back to Turkey

Washington Post
The move hopes to curb the increase of refugees coming from Turkey.

factorysmokeThe Promise of Business Students

Huffington Post
Business students may hold the key to the future of climate change in their hands.

npr_chute_research-final-80_wide-d7c5ff1d8aeae3a5cb7fabf904b923253f355bb5-s1400-c85Putting an End to Parachute Research

Researchers have been known to drop in, take specimens home, and then not share their findings. If we want to control epidemics, this is no way to do it.

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