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Best of the News Week: March 13

As the week comes to a close, we offer your our week in review.

Welcome to Sense & Sustainability’s Quick Hits! Our Quick Hits are dedicated to intriguing news stories from the past week. We hope to provide our readers context about the continuing issues in sustainability research with these compelling stories. If you would like to receive these emails each week, please subscribe on our website!
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What Weather is the Fault of Climate Change? 

New York Times
A look at our recent weather patterns and which ones point us to climate change.



Wall Street is on the Rise with the Recent Success of Energy Companies

New York Times 
The spike in oil success has caused markets to rise in the US.


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Why Poor People are Paying More for Just About Everything

Washington Post
A look into the bizarre price differences facing the poor bracket of our economy.


Pills macro

Antibiotic Resistance

Huffington Post
What will antibiotic resistance mean for our society?



California to Allow Medically Assisted Suicide


As of June 9th, the state will allow individuals to participate in the End Of Life Option Act.

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